Winners of the AI and Robotics Projects Contest

Friends and associates!

The competition of projects in the field of AI and robotics is over. More than 400 projects submitted applications for participation in the competition. The organizing committee selected the best 12 ideas.

On Friday, in a businesslike, but very warm atmosphere, 12 finalists presented their designs in the face of a jury composed of Mark Ginsburg, David Chen, Robot Sofia.

List of finalists:

  1. An open map of the trees of Odessa. Using AI to account for street plantings;
  2. AI tutor of English and Chinese ;
  3. – blockchain solution for robots;
  4. Robobus – Innovative platform-trailer with a large number of modern equipment, which is a mobile laboratory for the study of robotics, programming, and 3D technologies;
  5. Dynamic Division – The first robo-sharing;
  6. First Blockchain News Platform “TheWorldNews” – The world’s first decentralized news aggregator, built on blockchain technology using neural networks;
  7. Aerodrone – industrial drones for processing fields;
  8. HBS – Identification of skin cancer with the help of the author’s mathematical model AI based on the principles of neural clusters confirmed experimentally;
  10. Uniexo – Exoskeleton;
  11. Bionica technologies – Bionic Brush “URBAN”;
  12. ZMIST – The system analyzes speech, intonation, timbre, as well as facial expression and determines the emotional and psychological state of a person, creates his psychological portrait, which enables to predict the behavior and intentions of a person, to recommend further actions in relation to him.

More than 4 hours of teams fighting, presenting their projects to members of the jury and the audience. Answering the highly professional questions of the jury members, the contestants received valuable, but free advice from them. Both Mark Ginzburg and David Chen, being universally recognized successful venture investors, have many years of experience in selecting promising projects. The contest was designed not only to select the best projects from all over Ukraine but also to conduct an open dialogue with founders, instill confidence in them, share experience and find business angels in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong for them.

All the projects presented were of a fairly high level and it was not easy to select the three best ones.

So, the final decision and congratulations to the teams:





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