Robot barista in California

//Robot barista in California

In San Francisco I`ve met Winnie Lingham (@vinnylingham) – the creator of the world’s most famous online stores.

We were very interested and inspired by the latest and main project Winnie – Civic (Secure Identity Ecosystem). We talked in his office about the introduction of the blockchain into the electoral process, about the possibility of its implementation in Ukraine. Learning about the new passion for robotics, Winnie invited me and my son to drink coffee at a coffee shop two blocks from his office. “It will be delicious and funny,” he promised.

So, Cafe X is just two in the world (the second is in Hong Kong). Fully robotic, from cleaning the room (clean sterile) to all stages of coffee preparation and maintenance.

The robot barista, the Mitsubishi 6-axis model (six degrees of freedom) is a hand rotating 360 °, counterclockwise/clockwise, equipped with a face recognition system that allows him to do the trick that always makes visitors (especially among regular customers) shout and laugh: to every newbie the robot calmly says: “Hi!”; who came to the third time loudly: “Hi dear!” and wave his hand; if you came for the fifth time you will be awarded 5 seconds of waving a hand and uttering the phrase: “! My friend, I missed you so much”.

What is very important, customers not only come into contact with the latest technology, but also immediately feel its advantage in their coffee budget: an eight-inch (240 ml) cup of excellent espresso costs $ 2.25 here, while in any San Francisco coffee shop the price will be from $ 4.00 to $ 5.00. Welcome to the bright future!

P.S. Looking for a partner for such a coffee shop in Kiev!

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