Press conference with robot Sophia

A press conference with robot Sophia attracted unprecedented interest on the part of journalists! 186 (!) Media representatives attended the conference this morning. My friend – venture investor David Chen told about the history of the company Hanson Robotics:

4 years ago, the AngelVest fund headed by David financed another round of investment in Hanson Robotics, which enabled the company to move from America to Hong Kong. During this time, several prototype robots were made – Khan, Einstein, Sofia.

The main goal of the company is to create a full-fledged humanoid robot with a developed intellect. David predicted that over the next year, Sofia’s level of intelligence would be significantly increased. Everyone dreams to see the full body of the robot. David shared the information that a prototype of such a robot already exists, but is still being finalized and is not yet demonstrated at public events.

He opened a small secret. In fact, Sofia does not exist in a single copy. There are already 5 of them and they travel the world.

Each robot is connected via the Internet to the cloud-based knowledge base, which is also developing due to the experience of communication received by all robots at all such events. Thus, every day the robot becomes smarter and more developed. Already, Sofia can demonstrate about 72 emotional facial expressions, by the end of the year this number will be increased to 118.

I want to add that there is a new development in the secret laboratory of Hanson Robotics that I was shown. You will not just be surprised, but shocked when this development will be presented to the general public!

During the press conference, a memorandum was signed between the State Agency of Ukraine on e-government and AngelVest.

I consider my acquaintance with David as significant because I was able to convince him of the need to invest in Ukrainian projects related to robotics and AI. We have huge plans for the development of a research and production center in this area in Ukraine. We are ready to launch educational initiatives to attract and to train the best specialists. Ukraine, with its intellectual potential, is simply obliged to finally bite off its piece of the global technological pie.

The first concrete step in this direction will be a project competition held by us. The best projects will receive funding and mentoring support. And their further development will be a good example for other specialists.

Once again I express my gratitude to all those who participated in the organization of the visit of David and Sofia to Ukraine! As well as the State Agency for E-Government and personally it’s head Oleksandr Ryzhenko, for a progressive position and real steps towards the digitalization of Ukraine.


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