“Our only real hope is Asians”

//“Our only real hope is Asians”

Yesterday was an intense workday. I met with several investment funds. In the evening, my Ukrainian partner flew in from Indonesia, where six months ago we opened a representative office of our company, coordinating all our activities in Southeast Asia. Today, thirty-four employees work there (and nine more in China).

They came to the conclusion that it is necessary to open the same structure in Singapore.

I am deeply convinced that it will be barely possible to attract serious investments from the USA into innovative projects in the nearest future, Also, we can forget about the European Union investment. I’m not talking about paying for outsourcing or the rarest cases of startup`s and successful companies acquisition.

It sounds pessimistic but believe me – I am one of those pessimists who are well-informed optimists. The main and, perhaps, our only real hope is Asians: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea.

This year I will fly to the States (to Silicon Valley, MIT and New York) only for information, to Europe – just to walk in museums and galleries. For money – only in Asia!

Tomorrow I fly away for five days to Vietnam, to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). Many appointments.

P.S. I had dinner in the evening with our Ambassador in Singapore and New Zealand, Dmitry Senik and his charming wife Eugenia. Once again, I was convinced that he is a diplomat of the newest formation, a patriot and an innovation-investment-oriented professional (Wow, what definition did I build! … After all the truth!)

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