Meeting with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Singapore, Dmitry Senik.

A two-hour meeting was held with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Singapore, Dmitry Senik. I closely and informally acquainted with the 16 Ambassadors of Ukraine in European and American countries and I can note with regret that not all of them correspond to their high status, considering current trends in our changing world. Dmitry Senik is definitely Professional.

A well-educated intellectual, with excellent English, perfectly oriented not only in the foreign political realities, but also in the nuances of modern information technologies. He discussed the issues of attracting Singaporean investors to the creation of technology parks in several regions of Ukraine. Dmitry has a clear understanding of the algorithms for solving this problem and is already taking practical steps.

With such ambassadors, the Ministry of Economics and other departments in creating a favorable investment climate in Ukraine can be much more effective than the Ministry of Economy and Other Institutions.

P.S. On the way to the Embassy, I took a few plots about Singapore, which I wanted to share with you. You can find them on my FB page –

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