Meeting with Michael Casey

At The Film Society Building at Lincoln Center in Cinema House I met with blockchain-crypto guru Michael Casey, author of two bestsellers, the classic “Cryptocurrency era: how # Bitcoin and # blockchain defy principles World Economy” (“The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money are Challenging the Global Economic”) and quite fresh – “The Machine of Truth: Blockchain and the Future of Everything” (“The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything”).
Had a drink … coffee; discussed the latest events in the crypto world. I was once again convinced that the law of dialectics on the transition of quantity to quality is most clearly manifested in the intelligence of specific Persons – when the amount of information they have is converted into strict logical constructions and conceptual conclusions.

I took a fresh look at many recent facts and events in the world of cryptocurrency and ICO, I saw quite clearly certain trends.
Soon I will discuss it in my blog. I told Michael about my plans to hold in Kiev in 2019 a truly significant conference dedicated to robotics and artificial intelligence. He secured his guarantee to act as a speaker and attract two or three more real giants. Taking into account the agreements that I already have with four experts – world opinion leaders in these areas, the list of speakers will be truly “star-like” and all our developers, futurologists and just dreamers will find an interesting event.
And one more important result of our meeting. In a previous post, I reported: “… we want to discuss an educational program for Ukrainian crypto-blockchain-robot-AI (AI) – enthusiasts with the assistance of reputable teachers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), whose lead officer Michael has been for many years.
We both are supporters of decisive changes in the existing system of vocational education and want to make a real contribution to these transformations. ”
This was the subject of the longest part of the conversation, and in the spring of next year, I will try to launch the ongoing 2-week seminars conducted by the MIT professors. In the next couple of weeks after returning to Kiev, I will decide on the format – either it will be an independent event or a joint project with David Chan and the Harvard Business School (HBS).
Stay tuned, it will be very interesting!

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