“Make a dream come true” project

//“Make a dream come true” project

A month ago, I was contacted by the host of “1 + 1” channel Lidia Taran and curators of the charity project “Make a dream comes true” by Alexander Loboda and Sofia Fedchenko with a request to support someone of their wards.

The project “Make a dream come true” realizes the dreams of seriously ill children.

I was touched by the story of Misha Komnatsky, a 17-year-old boy from an ordinary family in the Rivne region who was diagnosed with chronic renal failure 4 stages. Three years before graduation Misha lived in the Okhmatdit clinic as he constantly needs dialysis. Nevertheless, he managed to finish school with a gold medal and enter budget program at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev at the Faculty of International Relations. No indulgence – he is an ordinary student, but he has 4 dialysis hours every day.

In addition, Misha has strength and finds time for studying chess. During the art marathon #MyChildDrem, he drew his dream – to become a successful chess player and meet his idol – the first Ukrainian world chess champion Ruslan Ponomarev, who became the youngest world chess champion (FIDE version) at the age of 18.

The project team managed to make a surprise for Misha. According to the legend he received an invitation to participate in a student conference in Prague but in fact he was already met at the airport by Ruslan Ponomarev, who took part in an international chess tournament in Prague these days. He talked to Misha, invited him to the tournament and even played a couple of games with him. Misha’s delight and happiness are difficult to convey in words. For realization of this travel to the Czech Republic with his mother, the crew of the “1 + 1” channel, nurse and hemodialysis machine, and spend several days there – Misha needed a sponsor. And I am very glad that I could gave the opportunity to contribute in the realization of the dream of this talented and courageous guy. Yesterday at two o’clock in the morning I met Misha who had returned at the Borispol airport, where we saw each other for the first time.

I hope this is not my last experience with the project “Make a dream come true”.

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