Little Sophia

//Little Sophia

On Sunday I spoke with Hanson Robotics CFO David Chen about the start of mass production Robot Sophia`s younger sisters scheduled for May this year in China.

The launch of Sofia`s younger sisters on Kickstarter and product preparation for the mass market is another “small”, but thoughtful step towards the introduction of genoids into our daily life.

The 35-centimeter Sofia will be produced in the amount of 14000-23000 per year and is intended for use in primary and secondary schools, as well as in various educational programs. The main contingent – from 7 to 13 years old children, the field of knowledge – mathematics, an introduction to scientific disciplines and computer science.

With a prepayment in amount of $75,000, the first 250 copies will be sold at a price of $123, then the price will rise to $240.

On Friday, I will fly to Hong Kong at Hanson Robotics headquarters for negotiations on the partial placement of Little Sophia`s production (3000-5000 units) in Ukraine. This would be the beginning of the implementation of the program within Memorandum of collaboration on the robotics and AI in Ukraine signed in October 12,2018 after meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman and Head of the State Agency for Electronic Control of Ukraine Alexander Rynko.

That would be really cool!

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