Kings of useful content

//Kings of useful content

I turned out being one of the six “kings of useful content.” Taking into account that I began my public actions in social networks a year ago, when other kings have been developing their resources for many years – the result is good.

The goals of my social activity are: the popularization of digital technologies, the development of the IT sector in Ukraine, the use of the most innovative methods of building and operating infrastructure in the Kyiv urban economy. Recently, the Federation of Robotics of Ukraine actively participated in the creation of scientific and technical complexes of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Taking advantage of the fact that I travel a lot and participate in dozens of conferences around the world – I would like to highlight interesting and unique events and ideas. Maybe someone with a brilliant and developed idea will come to me after watching my video with a barista robot in San Francisco and I will help with its introduction and implementation.

I have the opportunity to see and hear something that is still being prepared for the presentation to the general public (for example the next generation of robots from Hanson Robotics). And I promise to use this opportunity to delight my subscribers with exclusive content and reports from secret laboratories.

Subscribe to my resources, it will be interesting!

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