Certified kiss with AI

//Certified kiss with AI

Yesterday we recorded an interesting story within the TV program “Snidanok z 1 + 1” on 1 + 1 Channel. Last October, I was in the same program with Robot Sophia, and then a significant situation happened – for the first time in the history of interactions of robots and humans, a man kissed a gynoid with its permission. A few months before Sophia refused to kiss the world famous actor Will Smith, and this plot did not leave the screens of world television channels for several days. In Ukraine, one can see a special frivolous atmosphere, besides, in our country, one of the most popular lawsuits of American legal practice, sexual harassment, has not yet become widespread. Therefore, during the official meeting, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman gently patted Sophia on the cheek, and the next day, the popular TV host Ruslan Senichkin kissed her gently on the same cheek. So, yesterday, I presented Ruslan an official Certificate issued by the developer of the robot Sofia, that confirms the fact of this historic event. As Mr.Paruby used to say, “ it was fun”.

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