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Winners of the AI and Robotics Projects Contest

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Friends and associates!

The competition of projects in the field of AI and robotics is over. More than 400 projects submitted applications for participation in the competition. The organizing committee selected the best 12 ideas.

On Friday, in a businesslike, but very warm atmosphere, 12 finalists presented their designs in the face of a jury composed of Mark Ginsburg, David Chen, Robot Sofia.

List of finalists:


Press conference with robot Sophia

A press conference with robot Sophia attracted unprecedented interest on the part of journalists! 186 (!) Media representatives attended the conference this morning. My friend – venture investor David Chen told about the history of the company Hanson Robotics:

4 years ago, the AngelVest fund headed by David financed another round of investment in Hanson Robotics, which enabled the company to move from America to Hong Kong. During this time, several prototype robots were made – Khan, Einstein, Sofia.


Meeting with Michael Casey

At The Film Society Building at Lincoln Center in Cinema House I met with blockchain-crypto guru Michael Casey, author of two bestsellers, the classic “Cryptocurrency era: how # Bitcoin and # blockchain defy principles World Economy” (“The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money are Challenging the Global Economic”) and quite fresh – “The Machine of Truth: Blockchain and the Future of Everything” (“The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything”).
Had a drink … coffee; discussed the latest events in the crypto world. I was once again convinced that the law of dialectics on the transition of quantity to quality is most clearly manifested in the intelligence of specific Persons – when the amount of information they have is converted into strict logical constructions and conceptual conclusions.


Meeting with Business Youth

A meeting regarding cooperation with the leaders of «Business Molodost» organization and Mark Ginzburg was held a few days ago. From now, more than 100,000 Ukrainian entrepreneurs (BM members) with new ideas and new view of business will have an opportunity to join my Business Acceleration Program. Together we will promote development of Ukrainian business environment, entrepreneurship and startups support programs.

Volodymyr Groysman and Robot Sophia

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Yesterday Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman posted on Instagram a few photos of the most memorable events of 2018. Among them, there is a photo from our meeting during the signing of Memorandum of Cooperation between Ukrainian Government and Hong Kong company AngelVest regarding creation of Robotics and AI research and production centers in our country.

In the secret lab of Hanson Robotics

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Besides interviewing Sophia and being present at the “births” of her next sister I was honoured to get acquainted with robot Albert Einstein during my visit of the Hong Kong factory of dreams (Hanson Robotics limited access lab). The five best universities physics courses have been downloaded into this robot, so it is grounded in physics theory better than any physicist living on Earth. I was waiting for permission for this publication from the owners of the company for three weeks and finally received it. I will tell you how this robot is used in practice and what happens in the laboratory three times a week from 9 pm till dawn next week on my YouTube channel. What an interesting time we live!