“Blockparty” revolution

//“Blockparty” revolution

I am very proud of my eldest son Vladislav who was appointed vice-president of the company Blockparty – one of the most successful US startups in 2018.
Their team made a revolution in the multi-billion dollar, conservative and mafia business of selling tickets for mass concert, theater, and sporting events. They transferred the whole process to the blockchain, breaking the century-old tradition, when tickets to megastar concerts, Broadway shows, NBA and NHL playoffs, champion fights of super heavyweight boxers were bought by speculators (and in the last few years bots, in the very first seconds after the start of official sales ) and then resold for a few (sometimes dozens) ratings. A separate problem was with fake tickets.
Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Blockparty has found a solution and effective elimination of all these problems. Details on the website www.goblockparty.com
This has caused great interest in the United States and recently he often speaks on TV and in the press, discussing new realities that have become available to millions of Americans thanks to Blockparty mobile apps. A few days ago, Vladislav gave an interview to the authoritative publication BlockPublisher, where he expressed his opinion on the widely debated question in society: “Will bitcoin replace the fiat currency?”
I suggest to read this article for everyone who is interested in this problem.

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