The real goal is to make Kiev the leader of European digitalization

//The real goal is to make Kiev the leader of European digitalization

A couple of days ago, I discovered an article on the site of “The Correspondent” ( which I consider to be one of the few truly solid and reputable information resources in the country) written by political analyst Alexei Voronenko (unfortunately not personally acquainted) about my mayoral ambitions. Discrepant feelings… I was clearly pleased with two points: the estimated low budget of my proposed election campaign and the analogy with Igor Smeshko phenomenon, the man I deeply respect and, fortunately, personally acquainted.
In general, the article correctly reflects the thoughts that have been visiting me in recent months. The only wrong I consider the following assumption of the author: “In addition, he sees himself as an excellent replacement for the current mayor, Vitali Klitschko.” I want to clearly define my position. I realized myself and my ambitions wherever I wanted and in what is really important and valuable for me. And so the position of mayor is by no means the goal of my aspirations. The real goal is to make Kiev the leader of European digitalization, with all the positives for the city and the people of Kiev arising from this process. When participants in the recent presidential race declared that if they were elected, Ukraine would be made second Switzerland – it was terry populism or translated into normal language – a pure lie. Ukraine will not be second Switzerland either for the five years of the cadence of any candidate nor for the next 25 years. But to make Kiev in 5 years one of the best cities in Europe is absolutely real. And to achieve this goal, I am ready to put at the disposal of Vitaly Klitschko all my experience in the development and implementation of blockchain technology, digital innovations, and artificial intelligence, all my sustainable business and friendly contacts with world leaders in these industries. And also to engage my main capital – the enthusiasm and potential of those thousands of students of Kiev universities, who have already expressed their readiness to work with me for achieving this goal.
And only in the absence of real interest from the current mayor, I will start implementing my own project.

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